About Craig Saunders Editorial Services

Professional Editorial Services

Saunders Editorial provides a broad range of editorial services to media and corporate clients. Whether you're looking for a feature on cross-country skiing for your newspaper, an article on green building for your magazine, an editor to produce a nonfiction book, or someone to clean up the grammar and spelling in a report, we can help.

Book Editing

Saunders Editorial specializes in editing and developing non-fiction and children's titles. We have experience with large and small publishing houses, providing services including developmental editing, production editing, project management, copy editing, proofreading, permissions editing, photo research and writing. Clients include trade and educational book publishers, and recent projects include books, teachers' guides and educational media texts.

Corporate Editing

If grammatical and spelling errors cost you a letter grade back in school, just imagine what they're costing your company. In business, spelling and grammar do count. A professional editor will ensure that these errors don't cost you contracts or embarrass your company in front of clients or the public. Thanks to on-screen editing, Saunders Editorial serves an international clientele.


Craig Saunders is a frequent contributor to the Globe and Mail, Cottage Life, Green Living, This Magazine, Optical Prism and other publications. His writing appears in consumer and trade publications, and includes features, columns, articles and reviews.

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